Re: [Chrysler300] 58 dual carb set-up
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Re: [Chrysler300] 58 dual carb set-up

Hi Jonny,
I have two of the dual quad manifolds you describe.  I also plugged the holes to use them on a car engine.  My research suggests that they were machined for use on the marine engines which in '56 were (I believe) designated M-45 engine.  They were produced from the exact same casting as was used on the '55 C300 engines and the "56 300B engines.  One of my manifolds is not dated, but the other one has a '57 casting date clearly cast on it making me think that the same marine system continued in production for some time after that casting was deleted from use in the autos.
This situation illustrates the  potential danger of assuming that a casting number on a part can be used as a part number.  They often are not the same!!
----------------------Marshall Goodknight

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I have a friend who is restoring a 57 Saratoga---he is using a 392 and is looking for a 58 dual 4 set-up should anyone have one for sale--also I have a dual 4 manifold with the 56 casting #---it is exactly like any B manifold except the 3 ports which are closed on all manifolds that I have seen---to prevent water from entering exhaust manifolds are open on this manifold----I had to plug the holes in order to use it on this B I am working on---does anyone know what this manifold would have been used on ?---Johnnie Slayton




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