RE: [Chrysler300] Our Fall Meet Announcement
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RE: [Chrysler300] Our Fall Meet Announcement

Hi Dave,

We send our Meet Announcement to a number of car clubs, organizations, magazines, and on-line calendars to promote our meets and to attract interested visitors.   In this case our sister 300 Club Inc, and their webmaster John Holst, did an especially nice job of adding Tony’s art work to the meet announcement.   I thought it looked so good everyone should have a look.

I always appreciate tips from members about on-line calendars or other places we can let people know about our meets.

Carlton (meet promoter) Schroeder

From The Great Northwoods of Wisconsin


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I just kind of wondered as the link listed, when it comes up, looks like the Western club and even quotes Brute Force Mag.

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Hello Mike,

As Ray mentioned, Lynchburg is not a joint Meet. I'm expecting that next Spring's Meet in the San Francisco Bay area will be a joint Meet.

The timing of the upcoming Lynchburg Meet is indeed unusual. We typically congregate on a Wednesday, have our events and meetings Thursday and Friday, Show and banquet on Saturday, and then head out Sunday. This Meet posed particular room availability challenges with the timing and local college and football events, So we've moved the days of this Meet to convening Sunday, events Monday thru Wednesday, and departure Thursday.

We look forward to you joining us, if your schedule permits. Look for our Meet Registration form to be added to our Club site, and also mailed in our "Chrysler 300 Club News" in the next few days.


On July 9, 2017 at 5:24 PM "Mike McCandless my65cuda@xxxxxxx [Chrysler300]" <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I will do my best to attend. Has the meet normally been done during the start of a week?


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Our Fall Meet Announcement is now posted on the Chrysler 300, Inc Club website courtesy of John Holst, AND our meet artwork prepared by Tony Rinaldi, provides the great header for the message:


Thank you John and Tony

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Posted by: "Carlton Schroeder" <schroe99@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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