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[Chrysler300] Parts for a 300-K

  I NEVER thought it would come to this, but I have determined to sell my 300-K now, while I am alive, and not leave it to my kids to do.  Guess you could say I have realized my mortality.  I do have a local individual looking at my car rather seriously, and he gets first dibs on it.  Should he decide he does  not want it, I will then be advertising it with both clubs, as I wish it to go to a collector rather than a dealer (my other 300-K sold at auction to a dealer looking to flip it).
  As result, it is time to then begin getting rid of a lot of parts.  I have several items that are "major" that are in good shape, and I intended to keep for spares/cores, etc.
  First, I have a rebuilt engine on a stand.  It is an early 413, for the single four barrel equipped car.  Came out of an original four speed.  I built it up with the idea of placing it in the Wedgewood 300-K I sold some years ago, then decided to keep it for repairs/replacement in the K that I have had for so many years.  I have the paper work from the machine shop when it was rebuilt quite a few years ago now.  I spin it up periodically using a priming shaft and electric drill, and turn it over by hand.  It is under plastic wrap, but the block is now beginning to rust through the turqoise paint some.  It had a MoPar Performance Parts cam shaft that is a little hotter than the norm for a 300-K with 360 hp.  New oil pump, new pistons.  NO water pump, nor carb.  I have the rebuilt distributor out as a spare.  I have the original motor mounts and log type exhaust manifolds as well.  It was balanced to a gnats ass, new lifters, push rods, swirl polished stainless exhaust valves, stellite inserts.  I tried to do it "all" for today's gas.
  I have a set of the correct cast iron headers for the ram equipped 300-K.  I have had them for many a year.  They are overhead of my garage, generally rust free.  NO support braces, though.
  I also have a spare transmission.  I do NOT know if it is from a 300-K or a "lesser" model.  It is a core only, and should be rebuilt before use.  It came with my 300-K when I bought it in 1990.
  I would entertain good offers on the major items above.  I also have various pieces of trim, etc, accumulated over many years, to include a dented front grill.  My ideal situation is for someone to drive in to look at the motor, and make a deal on the parts, etc.  I would prefer to not be in my garage picking through boxes for a few small items in the heat of the summer.  Tail lights. trim, etc, won't be perfect or they would be on the car.  I do have some relatively good tail light lenses if I recall correctly, but the pot metal is not as good as what is on the car.  I have pitted pieces for across the back that might work on a daily driver or for cores for replating.
  I am thinking of a price of about $2000 on the motor, about $800 for the headers, and $200 for the transmission.  However, SERIOUS offers would be considered, especially if you are ready to drive in and pick them up.  First to drive in and help go through my spare parts gets first dibs on those.
That includes a carb from a '64 New Yorker.
 You have my e-mail and my phone is (217) 357-3931.  It has an answering machine, so if I don't pickup, leave a call back number and a message.
Tim Tomlinson


Posted by: timothytomlinson <timothytomlinson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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