Re: [Chrysler300] Tires 300K 15 inch radial wire wheels
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Re: [Chrysler300] Tires 300K 15 inch radial wire wheels

I think you are probably out of luck if you want exactly one inch. I assume you have consulted Coker as to exactly what they have - maybe the American Classics or their new bias look radials - I have not checked them. But you also need to ask distance from inner edge of whitewall to rim - most originals were a bit further out than some of the reproduction tires.

As to production tires mostly 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch and white edge 7/8" to 1-1/16" from edge of rim while Original BFG and Michelin of late 60's to early 80's vintage appear to have been 1-3/8" (2 samples - one BFG HT Silvertown 770, other Michelin X Radial).

Nexen N'Priz AH5 P235/75R15 5/8" whitewall, 1" from rim edge

Hankook Optimo H724 P235/75R15 5/8" whitewall, 1-1/16" from rim edge

Toyo Extensa A/S P235/75R15 3/4" whitewall, 7/8" from rim edge

Cooper Trendsetter SE P235/75R15 3/4" whitewall 1" from rim edge

All above measured as mounted in 71 vintage Chrysler 15x6 rims at 32 psi.

(Mastercraft, Multi-Mile, and other Cooper made tires will be same sas trendsetter SE). (Kingstar made by Hankook but appear lower quality). I did not try Milestar MA775 as they are made in China and appeared to be inferior in appearance. Above Nexen (Korea), Hankook (Korea or Indonesia),  Toyo (Japan) , Cooper (Mexico).

Two I have not checked Maxxis MA1 and Gremax 5000 but I think those are also Chinese? Maxxis, however, makes a good ATV tire and an expensive (supposed to be good) trailer tire.

You could go to Diamond Back and have them custom make a set of blackwalls into 1 inch whitewalls by vulcanizing on a whitewall but that is expensive and it puts additional stress on sidewall during prep (buffing) and secondary vulcanization. Still may be your only option.

Edward Mills Antique Tractors 1930-1960 Antique Cars 1960-1985
On 7/27/2017 11:13 PM, Harry Torgeson torg66@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:
Hi members, I'm still looking for a set of 235-75R-15 one inch radial white wall tires, only found under 1 inch or over 1 inch, tried all internet sites, hope they still make them somewhere. My current tires are gone.

Thanks Harry


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