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Re: [Chrysler300] New Member's Thanks to the Club

Hi Mark,

Another "Welcome" to our 300 Club! Great to hear Terry's 300-F has found a home with a passionate new owner.

Re wheels. Don is correct in commenting that the earlier year wheels were by Motor, and Kelsey Hayes came along later - they look similar, but have different spoke counts - I'm not an authority on these - but have seen them added to Letter Cars, as well as other Chryslers, over the years.

Re tires, I just spoke [again] with James at Diamondback Tires - - and he advised that they still don't have the proper sized tires for our Letter Cars. FYI - I've been running Diamondbacks on my 300-F - 2 1/2" whitewalls vulcanized onto Vredstein 6-ply light truck tires - mine are now in 8th their driving season, have about 40,000 miles on them, and have performed wonderfully. James said Diamondback is hoping to have their 225/75xR14 tires in their "Auburn Deluxe" line available by Spring 2018. That said, I've spoken to James several times over the years, and he's often communicated the same message. I haven't seen Terry's - and now your - 300-F, so don't know the state of its tires, and how quickly their replacement is needed. I do know that several of our Club members, who drive our cars long distances, are running Diamondbacks, and are very pleased with them.

Good luck with your new 300-F!

Noel Hastalis

Burr Ridge, IL

F coupe

 On July 31, 2017 at 7:58 AM "dverity@xxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300]" <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Mark,
Glad to hear you found the right car. On the wheels and tires, I would stick with the stock wheels and wheel covers, and get some wide white radials from Diamondback Classics. Wire wheels on Chrysler products were not used after 56, and were Motor Wheel, not Kelsey Hayes.
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2017 9:44 AM
Subject: [Chrysler300] New Member's Thanks to the Club

Ladies and Gents; I've been looking for a letter car for some time. I currently own some Imperials  ('55, '56, '67) and a '64 StreetWedge Sport Fury and a few other non- Chrysler products.  I've bid at auctions and online platforms without success.  Most recently, I missed a 300G in Central Penn but was looking at a back up in Oregon.  Had considerable trouble getting the vendor to give me all the info I needed to make an informed decision.  Decided to go outside my resources and found the 300 Club.  I emailed Bob Merritt, thinking I might hear back, maybe, in a week or so.  Bob was back to me in hours and put me on to the club's designated '61 300G expert, Don Verity.  I awoke the next morning to his voice and some of the most telling information I could have hoped for.  When I thanked him for his initiative and valuable input he just said 'it's my duty'.  < /p>

Passed on that 300G but whoa, let me scroll the classifieds; ah, Terry McTaggart was offering his 300F.  We started talking.  One of your early members, owned his Coral Queen for 45 years... just the provenance I was looking for.  We made a deal and a long distance friendship that won't soon go away. 

Just want to say I've rarely felt this kind of vitality in any membership short of Bill W's but with the same commitment to show up and give back.  Oh, and why am I a member?  Terry arranged it.  Now that's hospitality.  I hope, as the year's pass and I keep Terry's pride and joy in top shape ( he's a sad soul so reach out to him), that I can pass on the counsel and fellowship as I earn it.  I have a lot to learn . 

I'm shipping the car (God willing and Reliable at the wheel) from Terry's home directly to this year's WPC 47th International Meet in Tacoma WA, mid August.  Terry and I are going to enter the '60-'64 Class.  Results to follow.  Then, my wife Theresa and I will take the long way, the 1 and 101 south, to our home in Palm Desert.

Thanks.  Mark Love

First Qu.

I have Kelsey Hayes and Coker wide whites on my '55.  Any better combination to add to the 300F or do I do a disservice to the marque by changing from the original wheel covers?






Posted by: Noel Hastalis <cpaviper@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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