Re: [Chrysler300] 413" engine.
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Re: [Chrysler300] 413" engine.

As I recall, it was 1984 and I was in Portland returning from Victoria. My 300H had just gone through a rebuild in Quincy Illinois by Lee Hamilton Racing Services, a top shop. The engine had less than 10K miles.
It had a special Barnes camshaft which Barnes had designed and which lowered the compression ratio by increasing overlap (?) the purpose of which was to allow use of regular gasoline . Lee Hamilton forsaw the end of premium leaded gasoline.

I drove the car pretty hard going to Victoria, including a lot of long hills and including measuring WOT upshift points  going uphill numerous times.

The engine was getting loud by the time I got to Victoria. When I got back into Portland, exhaust gas was coming out of the  oil breather  like it was a tailpipe. The valve cover was black with burned paint. Ray offered his backyard and a bed. My wife and I began removing the heads and at 10pm at night, Ray took us to the head shop which stayed open late.
The man who examined and rebuilt the heads (new hardened valve seats) had some comments about 413s in motor homes which he saw a lot of. We picked up the heads early the next morning,  paid our $400 bill, went by the Chrysler dealer to get two cans of engine paint and installed wet heads that day. We started up late in the afternoon, gratefully took the Dorns to a steak dinner and departed at sunrise the next morning.
I do remember the motorhome 413s being discussed. My sense was that the watercooling was better but didn;t solve the problem in all cases. 
  Mike Moore

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He means , I think , that motor home heads have special water jets, and head gaskets,  possibly block holes  etc around exhaust valves to locally cool that area better . Got too hot locally on long pull up a hill in a truck or motorhome= detonation. . Of course --all v8 are water cooled heads! But as pointed out , this would not have  high performance heads or pistons anyway ; low RPM, low compression . Truck stuff. So ?? would use older 300 heads 10;1 pistons etc. but using this block, I would check old head gasket on block face be sure water holes are there or put them there for old head gasket water patterns. Compare the two block tops. And to be sure head fits it ok. There is info on this , out there, I do not know all the details. Industrial blocks probably the same cooling.


Might put Edelbrock heads on it. Depends on goals. 


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Are 300H heads watercooled? (I had assumed they were).

Mike Moore


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Hi Ivan, industrial engine.  J413th = 1973 413 CID  1016 = Date
 Consider  low compression here, most likely heads are water cooled.
Thanks Michael Sweden


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Posted by: Michael Moore <mmoore8425@xxxxxxx>

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