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As the saying goes, "it's your car, do as you want with it".  Having written that, changing the color or design of the interior will affect the value and judging points down the line.  As far as "very little leather" used in a 300G, I'm not sure what he means, very few cars built then, and now for that matter, have a full leather interior.  The seating areas and seat backs are leather, the back of the seats and door panels are vinyl.  Gary Goers is the go to guy for the reproduction interiors, although I have heard that SMS in Oregon may be offering the G interior or parts of it, they may be getting it from Gary. 


Bob J


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Hello group, I am in need of your always knowledgeable and helpful advice again. I'm In the process of getting bids on the interior on my G and the only guy I've talked to so far said there's very little leather used in the making of the original interior. Assuming this is correct we were hoping get something a little nicer and not get to far away from stock. My questions are is there other pre made interior kits available in the same or different colors and is Gary Goers the only outlet? In my other dealings with Gary the quality and service have been excellent. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Thanks Jim Rhoades Pueblo Co.

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