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Re: [Chrysler300] 300 whispers (Horn Specialists)

It seems to melike on my 62 there is a “switch” which is actually a roller which runs along the shaft. Mine is adessible from under the dash and I think has a single wire 
connected to it,
I replaced that assy but I suspect you can clean or adjust it.
Mike Moore
On Aug 10, 2017, at 11:39 AM, Larry Jett LarryWJett@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

1963 300.  All parts of the horn system work just fine.....relay, wiring, horns  What doesn't work is the ground coming up the steering column through its iron pipe.  At straight ahead (when you most feel the need to honk) there is no ground at the steel steering shaft.  Rotate the wheel a few degrees, and ground starts again.  This situation has nothing to do with the steering wheel or the turn signal switch, or the horn ring or anything other than some mysterious source of ground going away at straight ahead and returning at turns.  I  have replicated this ground dying at straight ahead without the steering wheel attached using a test lamp.  Anybody know the source of horn ground to the steering shaft? 

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Posted by: Michael Moore <mmoore8425@xxxxxxx>

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