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RE: [Chrysler300] Engine Oil - High Zinc Conventional 10w-30,

Will open much discussion, I am sure, this question, but hard to beat Mobil 1 with added ZDDP (for flat lifter cam) ; synthetic oils are simply way better lubricants than non synthetics. Do not thicken or thin as much with temp within grades. Brand agnostic, but Mobil is like,  for real , an oil company. Drove 4.0 jeep 300k on that, many others.  Jeep used no oil ran perfectly, 300k. 10k changes. 2nd 4.0 up to about 170k.same deal. Sometimes idle speed even rises due to better lubricity on carbed cars. (those were FI)


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Last week we enter our 1957 300C in the WPC National Meet in Tacoma, WA. It was a great meet well attended and many beautiful cars. Trev Dellinger of Seattle entered the one only  “ 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Convertible”  made, which he recently purchased.


One of our members suggested using the High Zinc Conventional 10w-30 oil “Joe Gibbs Driven HR-2 Conventional High Performance Motor Oil” in our 1957 300C. For years I have been using Valvoline Racing Oil SAE 30 which is not made any more. I have only enough left for one more oil change.


Have any of you used Joe Gibbs Oil? I am looking forward to using  it. What do you think?






Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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