Re: [Chrysler300] Torky fluid preference???
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Re: [Chrysler300] Torky fluid preference???

Since the HotRod article specifically addresses the 727 transmission, I'm not sure their fluid recommendation would apply to the earlier 488 cast-iron TorqueFlite in my 1957 300.   My transmission was rebuilt by 300 Club TorqueFlite Guru Don Verity, who recommended Type F for that transmission, and  I'm sure he was aware of the ATF+4 fluid when he rebuilt it a couple of years ago.   There was also a thread regarding the thermal stability superiority of the new synthetic fluids, but raising the possible incompatibility with old-formulation seals, leading to leakage, so I was reluctant to experiment!  The Type F seems to be working OK now, although it puked at  least a quart out the dipstick tube after driving only 20 miles (initial overfill?) but has settled down after that.  I barely have 200 miles on it yet. 

Ray Melton    Las Cruces, NM    1957 300C convertible      s/n 3N572517

On 8/30/2017 6:08 AM, RICK AND DEBBIE CLAPHAM wrote:

 I do agree with the Hot Rod article...I have used the Mopar ATF+4 for years almost two decades , also our local go to, Ford transmission builder uses +4. We both agreed the reason we use it is.. We never want to have come back repairs. so far we both have done well utilizing this fluid.

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It took some scrolling through a lot of great tips for improving the 727
that sounded reasonable, but the ATF recommendation is "Ron is also a
believer in synthetic automatic transmission fluid and says the old standard
Type-F is outmoded today because it breaks down and foams more readily. A
less expensive alternate is Chrysler ATF+4 fluid, which is a semi-synthetic
blend.ATF +4"

Rich Barber
Brentwood, CA

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Interesting article on Torqueflite mods as well as a recommendation for
fluid to be used.

Bill Huff

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