[Chrysler300] More on the 300F For sale
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[Chrysler300] More on the 300F For sale

More on the 300F for sale.

The 300F is a hardtop.

John was a mechanic, and a very good one, at the same Chrysler dealership as my dad. When John bought the F back in 66, 67 it had a bad engine. He said something about No. 6 cylinder. I believe that the engine is rebuild-able.
The engine with transmission attached is under a workbench in his garage. I assume that back then is was just easier to put the New Yorker engine in the F. He drove the F for a short while then parked it. If you call John he can tell you much more.

There is a red pinstripe on the car and John seems to think its from the factory. Not sure if you could order a pinstripe from the factory.

Two years ago he rejected 30,000 for the F.
He has reason to believe that it might be a Daytona beach car so he thinks that rarity makes it more valuable. Why would there be the 4 seat belt anchors only behind the drivers seat ?

I only have the 3 pics, taken on 9/1/2017. The car is literally piled with stuff. I don't think the stuff has damaged, dented the hood, roof and trunk.

If and when you call John allow some time as he can talk.



Posted by: Charlie V <cv300g@xxxxxxxxx>

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