Re: [Chrysler300] my '56 Imperial Power Steering is bleeding
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Re: [Chrysler300] my '56 Imperial Power Steering is bleeding

To ad to that, the upper reservoir is separate from the lower pressurized part. From your description, it is probably coming up from the lower part. I would try some Lucas power steering conditioner before I tried getting it sealed. It’s a very complicated box with lots of special tools required. I just swapped one in my 56, and plan to try taking the old one apart.
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Subject: RE: [Chrysler300] my '56 Imperial Power Steering is bleeding

Hi Mark,
After looking at the picture shown below; the hole is a vent. Power steering fluid should not be coming out the hole.
Your seal is probably hard. Several years ago, I had the same problem on our 1957 300C for a short time. It did not leak on the floor. I attributed it to not driving our 300C enough for several years while I was recovering from my second heart surgery. If the leak continues, you may have to reseal the power steering unit.

The leak stopped after driving the 300C more often.

Good luck.


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Subject: [Chrysler300] my '56 Imperial Power Steering is bleeding

Hi all; just took delivery of a ’55 C73 Sedan. Started up and rode very well in the first shakedown only to get home and come back and see steering fluid on the ground. Looked down on the steering box and noticed a little hole and the fluid coming out quite quikcly. Checked the manual. The shop manual shows a ‘plug’ where the two halves of the power steering box join.
This one is gone
Can anyone advise on the plug? I shopped for the one specified in the manual, put it in but it appears to be too small (3/16” d).
Thanks, here are couple of pics


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