[Chrysler300] 30,000 hellcats vs. 300X
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[Chrysler300] 30,000 hellcats vs. 300X

Just saw that they have made 30,000 of the Hellcats over past three years. . , and just saw one go 9.28 at 150 with a 4 speed. Not a demon, a modified hellcat. Hard to  believe –really hard to believe --they have sold so many . ….that car has outsold all our 300’s put together. Good move for Chrysler, despite the cynics . and they have sold about 7000 Hellcat engine 4 dr Chargers


The reason I was looking , was I was musing, ---where can you get a 300 today, ???  that is more like what our cars were. The present one is more like a 4 door Cadillac, just not as fast as the quickest Cadillac –which tempted me in the coupe a few years back…even went to Cad dealer to look, but this Mopar guy could not do that. . I for one would be interested in a “real 300” with a hellcat engine. And a 2dr coupe body, off the present one,  too. Make it exclusive like the first ones were …Somehow the present one , as sold makes me think of a checker taxi, or Stude lark. . Even the latest track Lincoln is on attracts . And the super Tesla. We need a real 300…Bar is raised to 700 hp.   Chrysler 700? About 80k?


Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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