[Chrysler300] Re: [Imperial-Club] exhaust temp readings
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[Chrysler300] Re: [Imperial-Club] exhaust temp readings

The 300 Club has just gone through a long discussion of this issue.  If you can get on that site, Chrysler300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, they’ve got the answers.
On Nov 3, 2017, at 4:07 PM, nosebump@xxxxxxx [Imperial-Club] <Imperial-Club@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

looking for direction here. been having an overheating issue and have gone throughthermostat, waterpump, hoses, flushed the engine etc. still have an issue of overheating if on the road for any decent time.
today, i have a dual fan unit behind the radiator and it was operating correctly. 

 got hold of a laser temp guage and after letting the car come up to temp, started taking readings.
radiator shows no blockage. took readings on exhaust manifold above plugs. the drivers side all read between 2-300 with the header being at about 230.

the passenger side showed 650 at second and 3rd plugs while front was 235 and rear was 450. header was reading 375. i think i found the problem area but don't know how to proceed.

looking for direction and advice. nothing about it in the fsm.


Posted by: mark love <marklove@xxxxxx>

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