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Re: [Chrysler300] WCFB

Here is a link to a carburetor adapter currently listed on eBay.  
I'm personally comfortable with the WCFB and would not likely get interested in making a conversion.  I've been through several of them with stuck shafts, metering pistons, accelerator pumps, and check balls and I've always had satisfactory results from my efforts.  So far I've not needed to remove any lead balls or other push-in plugs to accomplish adequate cleaning.  Corrosion is a bigger problem than gum deposits because chemical solvents are ineffective on corrosion.
The worst case I've run into is on a marine hemi carburetor (WCFB 2365s) which is identical to the 2317s used on '55 and early '56  C300 and 300B except for the absence of an automatic choke, fast idle cam, and secondary lock-out components..  Corrosion is such a problem that someone removed several of the plugs and then abandoned the clean-up project.  I have not attempted to repair that one yet, but I think I can succeed.
Be aware that WCFB carburetors were made with at least 2 different base designs and mount hole patterns.  The wider spacing is common on '55 and later single 4-barrel application and the narrower spacing on the dual carburetor set-up before '57.  I believe this adapter is drilled to accommodate either of the WCFB bases.
WCFB is a very "forgiving" carburetor design and it is generally very easy to make one work as it was intended to do.   Good luck.
----------------------Marshall Goodknight

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Hi all,
Into a problematic single quad setup WCFB, it sat 15-20 years with bad gas in it , gummed up , even throttle blades so sticky In bores spring cannot pull the carb closed . A little depressing , it has obviously also been messed with ( to Jamie’s point a few weeks back ) ; manual choke hacked into it.
I know they are good carbs when working right but once gummed up , or moronized, one wonders if removing all the lead balls etc to clean out passages might be needed . Not sure , but not into an atomic carb rebuild of unknown outcome today either For daily driver . Pro rebuild takes forever , not always all roses either , and big $ ..
So why the post ? WCFB is actually less than a 400 cfm carb , so wondered if small afb ( edelbrock) might have same bore centers .. like a 500 or 625 . And so fit on WCFB bolts a or throttle bore locations ? ? Has anyone changed from WCFB to a later carb.?? . afb is obvious successor ? Can Machine manifold , but easier probably to get another WCFB . Maybe .
Thoughts welcome , not advocating , but wondering . Rather a new serviceable carb, than an unknown walk in the park for more money.. and if on a trip , cannot get WCFB parts any more... generally .
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