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RE: [Chrysler300] RE: Gary goers

Super!!  Keep on praying.  Tony


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A positive update from Gary Goers.  Major changes:  The possibility exists that, if healing and circulation improve, fusion of his ankle may replace amputation.  He still invites orders for small stock items that do not require him standing to fabricate.  View his catalog at  He points out that he has made major investment in reproducing many of the parts and he and any new owner will rely on continued demand for these rare pieces—such as hood snubbers and myriad other parts for our 300’s.  Duplication of supply source sounds like good competition but might not make sense in encouraging development of rare items with minimal demand.  Snail mail, only, please.  Add 10% to price list and 15% for shipping.  Any surplus will be returned.


Hi Rich,


Thanks for posting the update.  No amputation though.  Going to wait to see how much healing takes place and then do the right hip and then depending on the pain level in the left ankle, decide if to amputate or fuse.  Things are healing slowly and optimism is high.  On the 300 stuff, I don't mind small catchup orders, just nothing big like trunk panels etc. 


I should know soon if the sale will happen, then maybe I'll chill out.  Meanwhile if anyone wants a '64 hood snubber or 100 or more, just order away.






Posted by: "Tony Bevacqua" <tonysru2@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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