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Re: [Chrysler300] Fw: Re: 1970 300 Hurst, Vancouver, BC

Perhaps the bidders were drunk (as often is the case)..... or thought it was an Oldsmobile. One sale does not indicate a trend.


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This is at least pretty interesting, if not amazing. According to info today from John Holst, Mecum just sold a '70 300 Hurst hardtop for $66K including 10% buyer penalty. I had looked over the many photos and saw that this car quite well restored and could easily be classified as "Excellent" - yet it had a long way to go to be called "Concours". Does this surprise anyone else? That would place the Hurst hardtop values right up there with a G, and maybe even an F. Are we seeing a letter car value bump now?

Keith Boonstra

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If anyone can assist,
please reply to Jane Tachuk at jtachuk@xxxxxxx
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Subject: 1970 300 Hurst, Vancouver, BC
Hello Bob,
Leo Vanderbyl, who I believe was a member of the Club,(date unknown), passed August 2017.
Left behind is a 1970 300 Hurst, which must go to probate here in BC.
I am hoping that the club may have information about reputable appraisers here in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area.
I have searched the net with very little success.  Reviews have not been favourable.
Your assistance/guidance would be most appreciated.
Thank you


Posted by: Ryan Hill <ryan_hillc300@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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