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RE: [Chrysler300] Build Information 300 K

Thanks. My first car was a 1964 300 sport coupe with the oval wheel and people were always curious about it even though it was only a 12 year old car at the time. People always think it would be weird to drive with it but you really don’t notice any difference from a round wheel when turning.


I was hanging onto this wheel in case I ever got a 300K but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


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Yes. You can repair the ovals. IMHO this wheel is the one that separates the car from  the usual boring 

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Here are pictures of the wheel. A few more cracks than I remember but very useable. I don’t think anyone is recasting the oval wheels.




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I have a nice black oval wheel. It has some small cracks. I’ll have to take some pictures and figure out a price. Note that it’s actually a really dark charcoal color and not really plain black. No horn ring but there is one on ebay right now.



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This one is an oval steering wheel. My previous New Yorker had a tilt wheel set up and it was a round steering wheel.

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Your first question I do not have an answer to.  Regarding the steering wheel, this model year came with either fixed column or tilt column.  Each column used a different wheel.  Is your column fixed or tilt?


Chris the K MANIAC

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I was wondering if anyone could offer some guidance as to how to identify how many '64 K's were built with the options similar to mine?


Also, I am looking for a steering wheel as mine is broken top and bottom at the base and too warped to repair properly.. Black preferred.




Allan Pozdol





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