Re: [Chrysler300] 300K wheel valve stems
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Re: [Chrysler300] 300K wheel valve stems

Hi all:

Years ago I had a problem with one of my older cars of wheel covers turning.  Can't remember which car it was but I think it was my 1956 Dodge.  Anyway, I bent the tangs of the wheel covers out just a bit and sprayed a couple of coats of paint in the areas of the wheels where the tangs made contact.  Left the paint dry for about a week and reinstalled the wheel covers.  Never had a problem after that.

Dan Reitz
Bell Canyon, CA

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Nick, send me your address.

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The 300K covers are notorious for turning on the wheel and metal valve stems will damage the covers if they do this. My first car was a ’64 300 Sport and I’d have to pull the wheel covers and  put them back on after they turned.




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I’ve never owned a K, but I have metal valve stems on my G.  Why is it a no no to use metal valve stems on a K?


Bob J


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Subject: [Chrysler300] 300K wheel valve stems



Looking for wheel valve stems to fit a 300K with the original wheelcovers. Looks like they need to be at least 2 ½” long. I tried a cover on a wheel with a 2” stem and it’s just flush with the hole.  I can’t find long ones except for metal ones and that’s a no no on these.


What are people using? Extenders? I assume the factory must have used ones long enough to clear the wheel cover but it’s been so long since I had my ’64 300 I don’t remember.




Posted by: Dan300f <dan300f@xxxxxxx>

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