{Chrysler 300} 64 K vent windows washers
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{Chrysler 300} 64 K vent windows washers

May I ask for some shared past experiences regarding the vent window mounting washers for 1960-1964 two door hardtops?


I am working on reinstalling my vent windows so I can glue on the weatherstrip with the doors off of the car. My 64 K drivers side assembly is not lining up with the front of the door, so there is a step over which the new weatherstrip is going to have to provide a good seal across.


I did the passenger side first; it went in without a washer and aligned just fine. That weatherstrip laid in well, no issues.


Nothing in the Archives. I asked Bob Merritt about this as he had posted a YouTube video regarding this on his ’62. He indicated that there should be a washer between the vent frame and the door for the rear bolt.


I didn’t have one, or any, and my car has no washers scars on the body mount points. And yes, a PO had been cobbling in this door. There was seemingly an existing  window alignment problem which caused  an odd wearing through of the rear slot in the lower window frame! Even with the channel runs were worn to smithereens.


Did anyone’s car have this washer on both sides re: this rear bolt? Or any combination? If so, do you have one out to measure for me? I don’t see any reference to this washer in the parts books.


Perhaps these were as-needed additions for manufacturing anomalies. The vent window frame is the same part number 1950 593 from 1960 to 1964, yet the doors themselves vary. No washers for shimming are referred to in the parts book.


I did notice that the mounting plate for the vent frame in the door was pulled up, not flat. I knocked it down flat, but in tightening the two bolts it just pulled up again.


Anyone ever run into something similar?


Many thanks,



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