{Chrysler 300} speedometers and tach
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{Chrysler 300} speedometers and tach

so ,
I found a really competent guy , Pat Mescher , at Bill’s Speedometer ( bills.speedometer@xxxxxxxxx) ,
Excellent interaction with him , second generation guy doing this . I was chasing 37 packard  issues , but got into discussion with him about things I had found wrong on 300’s , especially tachs that are a joke . 
I have been into 5-6 F,G tachs maybe 10 speedos , most frustrating thing there is in a 300 to work on . 
He pointed out to me that older units — (generally pre our cars ) had a jewel bearing in bottom where  input shaft spins around the lower end “point” or tip of  needle mount , but later it is just a drilled hole in the brass  ( low quality junk) This  is like jeweled bearings in a watch , or lack there of . 
No amount of “ rebuild “ fixes that once chewed up , my exact experience on my own work , needle bounces around more or less as bearing surfaces at bottom
of hole are shot . Tip is about as big as a hair . 
Crap shoot what you get . I stopped bothering , never works right once used  
So he says with some effort he takes it all the way down to that level , maybe he can  put a jeweled bearing in  , has done that , I am thinking especially tach . Turns all the time fast , this happens very soon in miles . 

I was impressed how nice the packard speedo works compared to 300 before  i broke the spiral spring ( slipped out of hand on bench )—-  no dancing,  nice steady reading etc — yet same design as ours ( Autolight I think )  But quality bearing in there . He says 37 are beautiful reliable dependable units . Even odo wheels are metal . 
Maybe SW ? ??? looks the same in any event  
Have not done this yet , the tach, no need but maybe someone else steps up . No firm number but 350 area mentioned . 
Worth it to have a really good  speedo or good tach .
I have spent days on these, half the time it  ends a total waste . 350 is a deal . 
Throwing this out there , fair . Others quoted me 500 to fix speedo , with an attitude . You get it  
We support the good guys! 
John g 

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