{Chrysler 300} Re: KYB Front Shock Upper 1964 300K Question - Issue.
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{Chrysler 300} Re: KYB Front Shock Upper 1964 300K Question - Issue.

James: The rule of thumb for shock mounts that use a stud and rubber bumpers is to tighten the stud nut until the rubber bumper expands out to slightly larger than the OD of the special washer under the nut. Be sure to double nut the stud, as if you use only a single nut, it WILL unwind. When I got my 300C, the LF shock was just along for the ride, as the nut had completely come off the stud, and the RF was totally loose, but the nut was still there. Nobody had double nutted the shocks,.

Dyke Ridgley

On Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 11:59:30 AM UTC-5 James Douglas wrote:
Hi All,
Received my NOS spindle so back on the front suspension rebuild.
The stock shock up front uses a metal sleeve tube in the center of the rubber top bushing. It sets the compression of the rubber to the height of the sleeve. The KYB shocks however have rubber that fits tight to the top shaft of the shock. No provision for the sleeve.
There are no instructions in the shock box.
My question to the group is how much does one tighten the top nut with nothing to gauge it by? Has someone come across a torque specification from KYB on this? Or do I have to try and drill out the rubber hole to get the sleeve back into the KYB rubber.
Thanks, James

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