[59plymouth] RE: Found on Ebay
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[59plymouth] RE: Found on Ebay

>    I was thinking it might be fun to have a spot on your site where a
> could view junkyard photos. Is the Ephemera site for that?
> Would I just send you pics (whenever I get them on this computer)?

Roger, actually I envision ephemera to be for artifacts related to '59
Plymouths -- advertisements, brochures, video clips, etc.  I have some great
commercials I'll be posting this weekend (I hope).  I also have audio clips
from a record distributed to radio stations, where engineers talk about the
new features.  Great stuff.

I like the idea of putting up junkyard pix.  I also have a collection of
unsorted pix for '59's I've collected from the web, where I don't know who
the owners are (or even remember where I got them).  I was thinking of a
"UFO (Unidentified Finned Objects)" page -- maybe under the Showcase, maybe
on it's own.  I'm not sure,  what do you think?  I'm copying the list for
their opinion.  Maybe we could put junked '59's there, or yet on its own

What do you think, folks?


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