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[59plymouth] RE: [FWDLK] Lots more great rides...

Thanks, Jack, I'm passing your offer on to the mailing list.  I'll also post it in the "For Sale" section of our discussion group.
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Hi Don a friend of mines mother has a white 28,000 mile painted one time ragtop (1978) but she wants high 30,s for it.
I like the 59,s and i even have two sets of the swivel bench seats for the car in the barn(like new).
If anyone is interested in the car i can get them a number.The seats i have i was told they were on display at the 1959 Detroit Auto Show and i will sell them as i doubt ill have a 59 sport fury at this point of my existence plus i have 57 to 61 dodges and a 60 Sport Surban wagon to support.
I keep your 59 site close as love to check out the stories and cars.Thanks Jack in Michigan

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