[59plymouth] More about suspension for '59
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[59plymouth] More about suspension for '59

Bernie has more info about suspension -- I'm passing it on to the list.  (Thanks, Bernie.)
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Heavy duty suspension was an option regardless of engine, but torsion bar size depended upon body style, engine size (6 or 8, don't think there was a distinction between 318 or 361 except for factory settings of the ride height means higher initial resistance of t-bars for the heavier engine) and whether standard or HD suspension.  Guess we all have to crawl under the cars with calipers and report what we've got after the grime and extra paint is removed. Would be an intersting data list. Rear springs are a different subject, it was not exclusively engine size making the difference. Ever hear of Constant-Level air suspension on the '59's? Those cars had FOUR leaves only, air bag made up the difference. I've seen one in person, about 35 years ago. Told you at the outset that I had some real stories about these buggys - and they're all true!
12 inch brakes were a separate option, again, a heavy-duty feature.  There was a mid-year (Jan-Mar, not exactly sure when) change in style of backing plates, as to the stamped platforms that support the brake shoe, probably for quieter operation.
Bernie B.

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