[59plymouth] VIN tags
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[59plymouth] VIN tags

> Since you are a 59 Plymouth afficinado, I have a question.  The VIN tag
> not ever spotwelded on the left front door pillar like most MoPars, rather
> it was spotwelded on the top of the left cowl.  I can get pics if you
> but if this is common and you have seen it before, can you give an
> explanation for me?  That would be muchly appreciated.

Matt, my VIN is held onto the cowl with a pair of screws, top left as you
describe.  I recall conversations about this on the forwardlook newsgroup
(you really ought to check it out, BTW -- www.forwardlook.net), but I forget
the details.  I'm copying the '59 mailing list too, in case someone would
like to reply.  If your interested in subscribing, go to
www.59sportfury.net/listserv .

List members -- Matt has a "handyman's special" '59, formerly a taxicab.
I'll be posting his pix and story soon...


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