[59plymouth] help with door panels
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[59plymouth] help with door panels

The guy who redid my interior did a very credible job; not original, but

Except, for the door panels. They're a bit of a mess. Unfortunately, there's
cloth on them that matches the rest of the interior, and I can't find the
material anywhere. I have a good upholstery guy who's going to stitch the
old stuff to new vinyl, however, so I should be alright.

The other problem is that, the guy put it on some sort of fiberboard that's
all warped now. I got chipboard from Restoration Supply, and I'll use the
old panels as templates. But instead of using clips when he installed it, he
drilled through the panel and used screws with chrome collars. I also got
the right clips from Restoration Supply; but here's the real issue...

Since the old panels were held on with screws, I don't have any marks I can
use to locate where the clips should go. I thought about painting something
slow-drying around the clip holes on the door, screwing the panel in place
for alignment (which was pretty good), and pressing it to the door to pick
up the paint. But maybe there's an easier way?

I can use all the help I can get...


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