[59plymouth] Further adventures in power window motor repair
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[59plymouth] Further adventures in power window motor repair

Tom's suggestion was a good one.  I drilled a small hole in the recess that
holds the bushing, and dripped in some rust cutter, a couple of times.  Then
I took a punch, braced the housing, and tapped the armature out...

Voila!  Out it came.

With the bushing still attached...  8^(


Then I peered inside the can -- and what to my wondering eye should


Tom was right; there's no retainer for the shaft.  But, there is for the
bushing -- and with the bushing frozen to the shaft, the retainer took the

You can see where I outlined one of the 6 tabs in red, that comprise the
retainer for the bushing.  In the center is the fragment of retainer
containing 2 tabs.  Now, here's what I propose to do, tell me what you

1)  Clamp the bronze bushing between wood blocks in a vise, and after
liberal doses of penetrating oil -- again -- attempt to tap out the shaft.
(You'll note that the commutators cleaned up nicely.)

2)  Remove the fragment from the can, clean it all up, place the bushing in
the center, and pot the bushing in the recess with high-temp RTV.

I'm thinking that will keep the bushing in place, and handle the heat well.
(There are circuit breakers in these motors, BTW.)  What do you think about
this idea?


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