[59plymouth] GOLDEN COMMANDO 1959
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[59plymouth] GOLDEN COMMANDO 1959

Hello Groups
This question is about some misc minutia,,so here goes....
I hope I do not bore too many.......
I have seen some pics of the 361 PLYMOUTH COMMANDO with a 4 HOLE WIRE LOOM on the front inside of the driver side head .
It looks like it mounts to the front intake manifold bolt.
(Now follow me 59 commando lovers......)
It appears to direct the 4 wires for the left head------ under the radiator hose----- and   to   the   two  2  hole   looms on the outside of that valve cover.
HOWEVER I cannot find this mystery 4 hole loom in any parts book or on any existing well restored 361 at this time..
Was this an 'early' 1959 use up of the 1958 looms??
Or was this someones 'good idea' to support those 4 long dangeling wires??
57  FURY

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