[59plymouth] RE: Your '59 Fury
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[59plymouth] RE: Your '59 Fury

Hi Jerry,

I'm copying the list here, in case they have some advice for you.  You might
also want to post to the forum; some folks read only one, and some only the

>     The names Jerry. The car is titled as a 59. It doesn't have any of the
> side trim, but it looks like a 58 or 59, although I'm not sure what a 60
> looks like. It has the "toilet seat" trunk although I don't think its a
> Sports Fury because of VIN number information that someone gave me on
>     I'm going to mess around with it this weekend to see if I can get the
> engine to turn over. It was parked in 1996 and the cylinders were filled
> with oil through the spark plug holes. I tried to turn the engine over
> a large socket wrench, but it would not move. Of course I wasn't really
> pulling hard and I didn't use a breaker bar because I was afraid of
> the crank bolt. I didn't pull out the spark plugs, so I guess it's
> that the oil is stopping any movement or has everything gummed up, but I
> though it should have moved at least a hair. It may be frozen but I'm just
> not sure. When it was being loaded onto the tiltdeck, it had to be dragged
> up because the wheels would not turn. I assumed that the tranny brake was
> locked up, but maybe the tranny is locked and it is binding the engine.
>     Could you tell me how the pushbutton automatic works? Are the buttons
> mechanical, electrical, or vacuum? It's possible that the tranny may not
> in neutral, which could be contributing to the problem if the torque
> converter or tranny are not free.

The pushbuttons activate a cable that operates a lever inside the
transmission.  You might want to try putting an ohmmeter across the neutral
switch (near where the cable goes into the trans), to check if it's going
into neutral.  I don't know, though, what mechanically about the trans that
would lock the wheels up.  The brake sounds like a more likely culprit to
me.  I'm copying the list here, in case they have some ideas.

>     What's the best supplier of the repro parts you mentioned. If you can
> give me an email address or a phone number, I'll try to get a catalogue.

Here's a short list of providers of repro and NOS:


How about it, folks?  What's your favorite link?


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