[59plymouth] 'B' engine parts,,,ply,dod,des,chry,,,58 thrpugh 61
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[59plymouth] 'B' engine parts,,,ply,dod,des,chry,,,58 thrpugh 61

Hello fellow membrers
I have started on my newest project of rebuilding a 361 to orig factory (59 PLYMOUTH) specs and colors.
I am missing a few misc items used on most of the 361s 383s and 413s of that era.
If anyone has extras,,please advise.
1) There is a 4 hole wire loom that goes on to the front drivers side of the intake manifold.
2) There are 'U' shaped heat shields that bolt on with the head bolts and protect the plug wires on each side of the exhaust manifold outlet.
3) Any good origional starters out there,,,P/N on tag would be 1779955  model MDT 6001
Thank you for your help
57  FURY

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