RE: [59plymouth] * 59' Sport Fury for sale.
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RE: [59plymouth] * 59' Sport Fury for sale.

Totally awesome that you also own a Suburban.  I don't think I have pix of that, do I?  (Actually, I don't have very good pix of your other cars either -- I'd like some, to put on a webpage for you.)
And we gotta know who this guy is with 6 SF's!  Does he know about the website?  Contact info, please!
I don't see that you're a member of the forum.  Should I post your notice there as well?

From: Alexander Lehr [mailto:geminimanor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 6:45 PM
To: 59 mailing list
Subject: [59plymouth] * 59' Sport Fury for sale.

Cosmic Happenings?
As some of you know, I have several 59' Plymouths (2 Savoys, 1 - 4 Door Fury, 1 Suburban Station Wagon). But, like most of you, I have always wanted a Sport Fury.  Several weeks ago, I received a 2nd Chance eBay offer from a man in Florida on a red / white Sport Fury that I had bid on.  The high bidder for his car had flaked out.  I agreed to purchase it.   The seller offered to trailer it to my home in Los Angeles, Calif.  He was due to leave tomorrow (11/15).
Last night, I received an e-mail message on another 59' S. Fury I had bid on that was in Arizona.  The buyer in that transaction had also flaked out, so the seller offered it to me.
I am not a wealthy man (just car crazy!) so I had to make a choice - I couldn't take both.  Even though I preferred the looks of the red / white car in Florida, I felt the (white) one in Arizona was a better choice for me.
Anyway, the reason for my writing to all of you is to let you know that the Florida car is available now.  I felt VERY bad for the very nice guy who was going to sell me his 59' (he has 6 Sport Furys in all!).  I called him a little while ago and was honest with him.  I told him why I decided to take the Arizona car and also told him that I would let everyone on the 59' list know about his Sport Fury.
If you are interested, he is asking $15,000. for it - which seems to be a very fair price.  The car appears to be in good physical shape HOWEVER, he told me that it has a "vibration" problem which he has not been able to figure out.
Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to put you in touch with him.  I felt that all of you should know about this offer before he re-lists it on eBay.
Alex Lehr
(323) 666 - 7888 .......................

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