[59plymouth] 1957 DeSoto for sale
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[59plymouth] 1957 DeSoto for sale

This message from Dick Skinner:
Thought the forwardlook group might have an interest.  Please forward.

Thanks, Dick Skinner
1959 Plymouth Sport Suburban
1953 Maxim Pumper Fire Truck
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Subject: [StationWagonsNorthEast] 1957 DeSoto for sale

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am the owner of a 1957 DeSoto Firesweep
Explorer (9 passenger wagon), which I would like to sell. The
details: Number 4-5 condition, but everything is there – the only
parts I know to be missing are the gas cap and two hubcaps. Runs and
drives. 80,000+ miles. Very little rust. I bought it thinking I
could bring it back to prime condition, but after engine, trans,
brakes, suspension, exhaust, and steering work, circumstances changed.
Not registered, but I have documents (I think). I have a lot of
money in this, but I've lost storage. I'd like $7500, or make me a
reasonable offer. This car is rare (only 934 built, and this year
suffered from rust problems, there can't be many left). THIS CAR
NEEDS TO BE SAVED, especially by a wagon-lover!! I have several
pictures that I will send on if you're interested; the car is located
in Fairfield County, CT. Contact me at: John E. Borger,(Ridgefield, CT)(203) 438-1747,

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