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Gary yer bad!
I had not heard of a hi failure rate for the green bearings. I will now be aware of it. Maybe I will stick with the regular bearings. 
Yes I was going to oder a custom set. We have done it several times and it seems we can get a custom axle for actually less than a new axle from Ma Mpoar. 
I decided that when i next work on the rearend i will ,if I have sufficent gold, get a set made for it then. 
Actually I did take it to the track. I had a TV guy here last fall shooting some film for a potential TV bit and he wanted a trip down the track. I was going to take the truck or the PT Turbo but my wife said" he wants to go in the 63 so just take him and be careful." 
The track owner wasnt too thrilled but if I was careful it would be ok he said. I made a part throttle pass with the camera man in the car. It spun terrrible at the track even at part throttle (Street tires just dont cut it on a slick track with hi HP) about 2/3s down I put it the rest of the way down. I dont know what the Et was but i do remember trap speed was around still 100 MPH. Next time i go it will have a cool can, slicks or BF Drag radials or i wont be there. I work on Linda weekly to get the green light but she says if I start that she knows that will be the end of street driving. There will be slicks , open headers , a roll bar , 5 point seat belts and the fun side of it for her will be gone. Can you imagine such a thing?
Anyway the guy did nothing so far with the tape as far a tv was concerned but he did make a DVd 17min long with the 63, the Old Reliable race car home video footage and a short interview in my shop. He gave me a master and the rights to it.
It requires a good sound system to really enjoy .
 I must fess up. When at the track with no line lock I burned through the lights and backed up just enough to try and stage on the rear tires. i hadnt been there in 8 years and normally dont drive only a couple of passes a year anyway even then, so I really goofed , all caught very nicely on video and left in the finished product. The Old Relaible footage though is great. Why i ever sold that car and engine I will never know. I was sick at the time but i must have been sicker than I thought.  
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