Re: New powerplant
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Re: New powerplant

That's really cool! Gary... Now, what wrecking yard did you
say you found this 'Hemi' in? how many more are there? (o;
he he he...

I had a Hemi once, It was a 55 model 354 with a dual quad
set-up. The Hemi sat for 30+ years in a broken crate, under
an olive tree at my father in laws ranch. Needless to say it
was all frozen up, lifters were covered in sludge, but it was
all there carburetors to oil pan. I had to trade it away for
the Poly and trans. that is in my wagon now.
Congratulations on acquiring your Hemi, in sure you'll
have lots of fun putting it together. And it will look good
between the fenders of your 64 Savoy!
Schuyler 62 Dodge Dart 440 wagon w/ Poly 318
On Mar 27, 2005, at 12:51 PM, Gary Futrell wrote:

I came home with a new powerplant for the 64 Savoy
this weekend. It's a 1966 Hemi with 559 heads. Since
it's a 66 model there's no VIN number, therefore no
guilt trip about contacting the original owner.
No , I've never owned a Hemi before but there always a
first time for everything.  I may need some help along
the way fitting this thing into the Savoy. I assume
some modification will need to be made to the shock
tower and I'm interested in what mounts are used.
Here's some pics: detail?.dir=29ca&.dnm=a67a.jpg&.src=ph


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