RE: Any website recommendations for cars???
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RE: Any website recommendations for cars???

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I'm biased toward the '62 to '65 Swap Meet Page of course, --  :) 

But sometimes I don't know if the '62 to '65 Swap Meet has enough 
value/traffic for the amount of time it takes for me to keep it going. 
Any thoughts about that are welcome. There's some technology steps in 
the works to streamline that process, so we'll see.  

Anyhow, in addition to those already mentioned, has some interesting ads.

Pssst. Don't tell anyone, but one often overlooked resourse is the Web 
site's of Mopar Clubs, many of which have a "for sale" section. lists Clubs. 

Gary H.

Derrick Brown wrote:
> Hi,
> A bit off subject but any help would be appreciated.
> I wanted to poll this group on their experiences on the best websites  
> for 60s  mopars selling/buying cars?
> (other than ebay)
> I have a car im looking to sell (not the 63 SF) and am not keen on  
> ebay for cars.  Parts sure, but cars not so sure.
> thanks to all.
> Derrick
> derrickb@xxxxxxx
> '63 Sport Fury

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