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RE: Mopar Front End Rebuilding Article

John here’s a link to Mopar Action Online which has an index to all their past tech articles and what issue they appeared in.  And the second link is to a Mopar Muscle article on installing a PST kit in a 71 Roadrunner.





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We are getting ready to tear into my son's Belvedere over the next few months to install a PST front end kit. Several years ago, (no idea how long, but it's been... "Quite A Long Time", I had an article from one of the Mopar mags that was very detailed and walked the reader through the entire process with pictures and captions start to finish. The article was several pages long, and I've used it on three previous rebuilds.  Well, the memory goes with age... I can't find the issue, I can't remember the the date or even the specific publication, and worst of all - the proceedure! Even after three times of going through it. If this article description rings a bell with anyone; could you please forward the issue information so that I can look for a copy online?  If not, and anybody knows where I might find a similar resource, that would be most helpful as well. I am truly getting forgetful, years ago anything this helpful would have been copied, sleeved, and put into a ring binder...guess this one slipped thru the cracks somehow.  Hopefully somebody can recall this one, I've never run across another as extensive set of instructions on the topic.....thanks in advance to any and all who respond

John Hammond


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