Fw: Another '65 Plymouth bites the dust
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Fw: Another '65 Plymouth bites the dust

just passing along ,,maybe everyone already heard of this

Subject: Fw: Another '65
Plymouth bites the dust
Bob Mosher builds hot ’60s Mopar street cars in the vein of production-stock and AFX racecars. On March 2, 2012, a fellow enthusiast’s son, Robert (whose last name I withheld), allegedly broke into Mosher’s shop while high on methamphetamine and stole one of the cars Mosher had recently sold. Robert allegedly crashed it into a tree at a reported 150 mph.
Supposedly what follows is the correspondence among Mosher, a friend, and Arcadia Police Department detective Mike Hale. I removed the pertinent contact information so they don’t get inundated in the event this mail gets forwarded to everyone.
Before you start, check out the images of the car before the collision.
XXX, Here are those pictures, XXX son broke  into my shop on meth and stole this car and hit a tree at 150 mph, so I guess 1965 plymouths are disappearing fast, Bob
Hi Bob.
I have dispo’d this case, finally. In keeping with my word to you, please see the attached photos.
Be safe.
Detective Michael Hale
Arcadia Police Department – Investigations
250 W. Huntington Dr.
Arcadia, California 91007
Hi Bob.
Not yet. I still cannot interview Robert due to his medical condition. I’m hoping in another 2 or 3 weeks he will be able to talk to me. It is a miracle that he survived and his injuries are taking a long time to heal sufficiently for him to be able to reasonably communicate.
Will let you know.
Hi Bob.
Here’s a couple of preliminary photos. I will send you the rest later.

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