Re: Friday puzzlers 9-5-14
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Re: Friday puzzlers 9-5-14

Belevedere 1 Plymouth 440 V8...   "Real Knuckle buster"  huh??  Never heard that one.  Is (was) that a selling point??  Needs a different shifter??

1965 Plymouth Barracuda... "Can't drink coffee and turn the steering wheel?" Gotta have our priorities!

1965 Plymouth Satellite Convertible... Detroit area MOPAR with no rust?? And a not scary price?? I musta missed something.

1965 HEMI Plymouth Belvedere...  If he gets that price, maybe he could afford a camera.

plymouth gasser 1965 altered...  I hope the alterations are better than the spelling and grammar, but kinda interesting.


On 9/5/2014 9:50 AM, Gary H. wrote:
Happy Friday all,

Below are links to ads in which I found at least one thing puzzlingly interesting, ironic  or funny in the description or the photos. See the note in brackets quoting the ad or {my comments}.

Gary H.

(((PRICE REDUCED))) $1500 CASH 1965 Ply Sport Fury Convertible.- $1500
["Very popular car for restoration."]

Belevedere 1 Plymouth 440 V8 - $20100
["4 speed Stick on the floor, a Real Knuckle buster as they use to say!!!"]

1965 Plymouth Sport Fury 2 Door Hardtop - $12500 (or a respectable offer.)
["318 Big Block Engine"]

1965 Plymouth Barracuda - $9000
["She has been a blast to drive but I can't drink coffee and turn the steering wheel (no power steering) so she needs to go ;)"]

1965 Plymouth Satellite Convertible.$14900
["Classic Muscle Car."]

1965 Plymouth Valiant station wagon - $3350
["for being 50 years old it is in excellent condition,"]

1965 HEMI Plymouth Belvedere - $79000
[no photos]

plymouth gasser 1965 altered - $3500
["no rust threw surface onely on car."}

1965 Plymouth Fury III 4 dr. Sedan - $7500
["The interior and paint are needed, but that is the cheapest part of this whole restoration game, if you know how to do it yourself."]

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