Friday puzzlers 9-12-14
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Friday puzzlers 9-12-14

Happy Friday all,

Below are links to ads in which I found at least one thing puzzlingly interesting, ironic  or funny in the description or the photos. See the note in brackets quoting the ad or {my comments}.

Also, at the end are a couple "bonus" ads that are not really puzzlers but have items a member here may want.

Gary H.

1962 Dodge Lancer 770
["V-6 slant motor"]{ALL CAPS = yelling}

1962 Dodge Dart Wagon - $1250
{not really}

1962 Dodge Dart 440 - $6000
["Extra original engine 318 with 360 heads"] {ALL CAPS = yelling}

1962 Dodge Lancer 2 door - $1600
["Frame good ,floors need work"]

1962 Dodge Dart / 2 Door Post - $19500
["All steel body"] {ALL CAPS = yelling}

1962 Dodge Dart 440 4 Door - $1200
["touch o matric auto transmission "]

Dodge 1962 nostalgia drag car - $8500
["raced from new"]

1962 Dodge Polara /dart 2 door/for parts - $100
["4 speed pedals"] {No photos. Must have been pretty bad shape to part out a Polara 500.}

1962 Dodge 880 Custom - $6500
{for sale by the Salvation Army}

1962 Dodge Dart - $3500
["Great fixer upper, or project for someone looking to fill some time!"]

1964 Dodge Power Wagon W100 - $3900
["Had it shipped to MA from AZ recently. Turns out to be more than I can handle...."]

1962 Dodge Lancer - $1500
["Not driven since 1982."]

1962 Dodge Military Ambulance - $3950
["I am moving toward retirement and have too many trucks to license, insure and maintain."]


Dodge D500 - $700
["D500 dually truck"] 

1962 Dodge Dart 4 door sedan.
["I will be cutting this car up. Let me know if you need anything before I send it to the crusher. John @ 513 289-5307]

1962 Dodge Dart Model Car Kit - $5


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