Re: Stroker lit up, but I have issues
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Re: Stroker lit up, but I have issues


OK I helicoiled the stripped intake bolt and resealed the gaskets.  Started it back up and it ran a little better.  I got the idle down to about 1,400 and it will stay running in gear at idle.  I still have the timing a bit over advanced.  I took it for a brief test ride and it pinged slightly on acceleration, and upon hot restart it was obvious.

I ran a compression test to rule out cam timing and the results were very postive.  Between 180 and 190 across all eight cylinders.  With some strong help I am headed down the path of dialing in the carbs.  I'll report back next weekend.

By the way, the test drive was the first time the Fury has been driven in 13 years since I started the resto project!  The smile from that feeling as well as all the help I am getting is sustaining me throughout this ordeal.  Getting close!  And my oh my if the test ride was any inidication, it is a MONSTER!!!  The wife says GET A LICENSE PLATE AND SOME MUFFLERS BEFORE THE NEIGHBORS CALL THE COPS

Thanks again, everyone...


On Sunday, September 21, 2014 2:45:22 PM UTC-4, JimJablonski wrote:
Definitely feel like I am on the right track thanks to tons of help.  It will be next Saturday before I get a chance to put it back together - I'll send an update, for sure.

Regarding the intake bolts, we might want to file this one in the lessons-learned bank.  I purchased/installed ARP part # 144-2101 named "Bolts, Intake Manifold, Chromoly, Black Oxide, 12-Point Head, Chrysler, Big Block, Kit."

Take a look at them compared to the 3/8-16 x 1 3/4 bolts from the hardware store (attached).  Let's not even bring up that the ARP bolts were $36 and I got out of the hardware store for I think $11, including the Snickers bar I chomped on the way home given the wife wasn't with me.

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 11:05:44 AM UTC-4, carv...@xxxxxxx wrote:
Way to go Jim!  I have to go out in the garage now and check the bolts for my new intake!...... 

What great interaction! Just a bunch of well wishers trying to help one of their own. 


On Sunday, September 14, 2014 5:33:07 PM UTC-4, JimJablonski wrote:
Well. I finally got the stroker to light up, but I've got some issues.  I hope it's not serious, but it doesn't sound good.  I had to advance the timing to about 50 degrees to get it to start, and after break-in, I can't get it to idle below about 1,800 RPM.  And there is an obvious miss when you kick the throttle.  My 1st thought on the idle was a vacuum leak, but I ran some propane around the intake and nothing happened.  The timing and the miss have me concerned.  Could I have possibly screwed up the timing chain marks?  Any thoughts?

The good news is I have awesome oil pressue and no leaks.  It sounds freaking wicked.  Here's a video:



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