Re: Interior Heater Duct Hoses
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Re: Interior Heater Duct Hoses

My 64ragtop and the AZDart both use different size hose connections on the dash vents and the heater boxes.  The original hoses have a taper that compensates for the difference, but the 50 year old hoses I've found are falling apart.  Perhaps there are N.O.S. hoses out there, but I'd bet the years have causes some deterioration in the cloth material.  I've found plastic duct hose at the generic auto parts stores websites, but the counter help has no idea what I'm asking about.  (If it ain't in the computer it doesn't exist)  the different sizes at each end require adapters like those that Nostalgic sells, or splicing two different size hoses together with Gorilla Glue (which expands while it cures) or duct tape (which will deteriorate in time). 

I called, but got the answering machine and left a message for callback.  Their site says 
Excellent REPRODUCTION of the dash defroster vent hoses fitting 1962-1966 B Body, 1972-1980 Dodge Truck. see compatibilty table.
There's no compatibility table on the webpage.  Maybe B bodies and trucks had the same size hoses end-to-end.

Old MOPARS - - Ya gotta love 'em!


On 10/4/2014 3:12 PM, Gary H. wrote:
Call Joe Suchy and ask him. is one place online, don't know if the price is right. 

If you don't care about original looks you can probably make some from stuff sold by classic car A/C suppliers, for example: or maybe flexible aluminum dryer type tubing. 

Let us know what you find out please. 

Gary H.

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 Who sells these? Im talking about the flexible hoses from the heater box? I
 know someone sells a kit, but I can't remember who.
 Bill M


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