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On Wednesday, 8 October 2014 09:53:17 UTC-7, Ray Bell wrote:
Daniel, with such an erudite response I would have thought you'd have checked my diagrams...

I did, Ray. They don't show what you want to believe they show. You can keep on ignoring the authoritative answers to the question at hand, insisting you're right and the engine's engineers and the rest of the world are wrong, or you can take the opportunity to learn from those who know better than you. Your choice.

My purpose in all of this was to show what is absolutely true... that the height of the engine, the effective height, the highest point as it would affect the fitment under the hood, is the air cleaner and that the air cleaner would not typically be any higher if the engine were vertical.

Say it a tenth time…or a twenty-fifth time…or a three-hundredth time. You'll still be wrong.

I don't want to completely trounce your suggestions

I didn't make any suggestions, Ray. I provided facts and backed them up with authoritative primary documents. And facts trump guesses and assumptions and stories and "suggestions"…every single time.
There are, as I posted previously, plenty of vertical inline engines with the water pump offset.

Find one of them in a '60 Valiant and then we can discuss whether you have a point.
Moving the fan a couple of inches to one side should not be a big deal

We have an _expression_ in North America: Monday-morning quarterbacking. It's when someone who wasn't at the game and doesn't know what happened starts issuing grand pronouncements of what happened, should have happened, must have happened. You're doing it now.  We've heard from the engineers who designed the Slant-6 and the original Valiant. They're right about this, and you're not. That's really all there is to it.
Now to explain, I am not here to beat my own drum, to convince people I'm an expert or anything like that.

That is exactly what you've been doing. I'm calling you out on it.
But when I see that there is a mistaken belief abroad I like to explain why it isn't so.

The mistakes are all on your end. I know it's hard to give up one's pet beliefs, but the grownup thing now is to say "Oh, I must have been mistaken" and drop the stick.
I would have blindly accepted the 'lower engine height' story

No need for any blind acceptance of anything -- the evidence is on the table. You're just choosing to pretend it doesn't exist.
had I not worked this out years ago with the Peugeot engines that are canted at 45°.

Next time I see a '60 Valiant with a Peugeot engine canted at 45 degrees, I'll think of you. Until then...!


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