Re: Friday puzzlers 11-7-2014
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Re: Friday puzzlers 11-7-2014

Bump steer is when you hit a bump and it pulls the wheel one direction or the other.  Death wobble occurs at 40mph or higher and the wheels just wobble uncontrollably.  An easy way to go out of control and really mess up your day.

On Friday, November 7, 2014 8:59:47 AM UTC-6, 62to65mopar wrote:
Happy Friday all,

Below are links to ads in which I found at least one thing puzzlingly
interesting, ironic  or funny in the description or the photos. See the note
in brackets quoting the ad or {my comments}.

Gary H.


{"Unique" models/features}

1964 dodge polara
["413 max wedge v8****727 juke box drive trany****8 3/4 rear, 3:55 posi"]

1964 Dodge Polara - rare - $3500
["a touch button transmission...has a posi rear"] {no photos}

1964 dodge polara - $3500
["has the big 318"]

One Of A Kind 64 Dodge Dart 2dr Wagon - $5000

1964 Dodge Custom
["3 spd torque fleet, 383 ENG...Same ENG as a road runner and a super bee."]

1964 Dodge Coronet Clean - $8500
["Cornet 2 door coup."]

1964 Dodge barracuda $2800

{Time and tide}

1964 dodge 880 wagon - $2800
["had running last year."]

1964 Dodge Dart GT for parts or restore - $995
["Body is rough frame looks to be good"] {Uses ALL CAPS = YELLING}

1964 Dodge 440 Station Wagon - $8500
["drove once in 99, hasn't seen sunlight in years True garage queen"]

1964 Dodge Tribute Drag Car $12,700
["It has the perfect patina that everyone is looking for."]

mopar parts
["A 1964 dodge polara 500 two door hard top $500 as is no title will not take $450 don't call and ask."]

1964 dodge polara hardtop. BB 4 speed - $7000
["...can be a nice car,I just don't have the time to work on it."]

64 Dogde Polara - $1800
["engine, trainy worked last time it was driven 9 years ago"] {No photos. Fits also in the "Unique" model category}

1964 Dodge A100 van-Price Reduced - $550
["As much as I hate to say this, but this van could be parted out and make much more than I'm selling it for."]

{ classic car junkyard dealing}

Classic Cars for sale/trade (Sharon, SC)
["I'm a Mopar man and would like to trade my Fords, Chevys, etc for Mopars of similar value....Especially looking for a two door 1961 or 1962 Chrysler. "]

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