Water neck clearance - Poly 4bbl
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Water neck clearance - Poly 4bbl

Popped the thermostat housing and upper hose off the Dart to check clearance over the holiday.  While a straight up water neck wasn’t going to fit, the OEM has enough angle to work just fine.  With the added height, might need an upper hose with a tighter bend.


Hood clearance is very close to the same as stock 2bbl from what I measure with this combo.  (Edelbrock 1406 with electric choke - and  Mr Gasket 4339 low profile air cleaner assembly).


Plan to do the bottom end this winter, so as I am taking it apart will set this on and confirm hood clearance with some clay.  Much easier to get a lower profile air cleaner assembly, when you do not have an electric choke.  So a bit of a challenge, but I think this is the combo that will work for me.


If there is room - have my eye on a slightly taller air filter element 2 1/4” vs 2”:



For those who need 90 degree water neck, CVR products says theirs will fit:




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