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Re: Almost back in business

>From the "Technical Tips" page.

"Only two causes of overheating: 1) air flow  2) water flow.
a) Take your Mopar out to a road where you can run a constant speed for about a mile or so, and be able to pull over.
b) Get the engine up to temperature and drive at about 45MPH, depending on your rear end gear ratio. You want to pick a speed that you can shift down a gear and maintain that speed.
c) If your Mopar heats up while driving at a constant speed in high gear, shift down one gear, keep the same speed, and see if the temperature goes up or down.
d) If the engine temperature goes up, then you have a water flow problem.
e) if the engine temperature goes down, then you have an air flow problem.
We learned this method back in the 1960's. — Earl H."

Gary H. 


>  -------Original Message-------
>  Don't think it was air locked.  I let it run with the cap off until it was
>  clearly circulating indicating that the stat was open.  I took it out and
>  drove it around town a little never getting too far from home.  The temp
>  came up to about 3/4 on the gauge and stayed there.  But with the 160 stat
>  it should not have been that high so I came home and let it idle a little.
>  The gauge never came down so I shut it off and waited awhile, then checked
>  the radiator and was able to add about 1 or two quarts of water.  Then took
>  it back out and drove it for a few blocks again with the same result.  When
>  I would pull back into the driveway and shut it off it would be percolating
>  and steaming a little.  It would push about a quart of coolant into the
>  overflow canister and then after a little bit pull it back into the
>  radiator.
>  I've got an infrared heat gun but did not check temp between upper and
>  lower hose.  I also thought about drilling a small hole into the flange of
>  the thermostat but didn't.  When I have it apart tomorrow I definitely
>  will.

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