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Re: 62-65 mania

For those lucky enough to see some of the match racing back in the 1962-1965 time period, there is no question that the Max Wedge and Hemi cars switched a lot of people into the Mopar camp. Many a Ford and Chevy fan and racer went to Mopar. Being the smallest of the "Big 3" Chrysler had less total number of fans and teams too, which made winning sweeter. Don't forget the A-body cars like the Barracuda "Goldfish" Golden Commando either.

The so-called "plain" styling of the B-body cars helped also. A Savoy or Dodge 330 with little badging and chrome / stainless had the stealth look down well. Like a guy I know recalls, he was shocked back then when his 406 Ford was beaten by a 413 Plymouth that he said looked like a taxi to him. LOL

Gary H.  

>  -------Original Message-------
>  Somehow they overlook the fact that if there were no  early 60's Mopars,
>  there would be no race to build muscle cars.  Max wedges  and 65-66 Hemis
>  set the mark that the other car companys tryed to catch up  with. That Ford
>  -Chevy mentality is bogus. I tell my favorite chebby guy , that  for EVERY
>  Chev or ford, there is a Hemi that will beat
>  it!!!.......................MO>  
>  {Steve Mick}

>  Don't know if anyone was watching Barrett Jackson coverage last   weekend
>  when Ray Evernham previewed a 64 Sport Fury that was in line for the
>  auction block.  He mentioned that some people were not all that excited
>  about the early 60's body style,preferring the late 60's models instead.
>  But he noted that those who were appreciative of the early 60's models
>  were fanatics about them.  AMEN Brother!
>  Paul L.

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