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Re: 64 dodge brake conversion

When I put discs on my Coronet, I used 73 B-Body brackets and 73 E-body calipers and no aftermarket parts. I ended up screwing up and using a drum brake master cylinder. My brakes are manual and the car stops on a dime without alot of effort.

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Am I the only one with pads that go click-click-click constantly as they slide back and forth while driving.......  About to switch to Wilwood just for the peace and quiet.........  Don’t have the Mopar rubber band fix kit on there, but I hear it does not work anyway.  ’73-’76 A-body parts bought as a kit..........


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Ditto on Master Power Brakes, I did a four wheel disk conversion on my 63 Fury, everything fit perfectly but the booster.  I did mine a few years back and had no problems with my proportioning valve, they were made in the USA then.  They do confuse me, because I had the same problem with power boosters not fitting, and two of my friends subsequently have also.  After three or four boosters we found one that worked on my Fury.  They sent the same wrong one to them as they did me initially and spent $$ in shipping wrong ones back and forth.  You would think they would keep notes because we all seem to have the same booster in the end.  A side note, I upgraded to braided steel lines that look great but, they are a hindrance in trouble shooting, because you can't collapse them like you can rubber lines when your trying to eliminate problem areas.  My two ¢





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Subject: Re: 64 dodge brake conversion


Hi Jason


I chose a Master Power kit. My car is a '63 Plymouth Sport Fury which had power brakes. I wasn't worried about wheel size, I have 17" rims on it.


The kit was pricey, but it came with everything, all the way down to the dust caps, (which are too shallow). I had a friend with a lift do the work as I had gathered parts to rebuild the entire front end at the same time. He tried to use the supplied brake booster and brake pedal bracket but it just wouldn't fit. We reverted back to my original booster and their dual chamber Master Cylinder with Proportioning valve.


After assembly, the proportioning valve wouldn't quit leaking, and the brakes would bind up when the car got hot. I ended up pulling the M/C off and adjusting down the push rod on the booster and ended one problem. As for the proportioning valve, Master Power kept sending me replacements, which gets old pretty quick. They say they cant be serviced, but I took one apart, and it was a mess. I deburred the bore and assembled it correctly and hopefully I'm good to go. Next spring we'll know.


Long story short... I guess I got what I payed for.... the proportioning valve is imported and poor quality. Only Willwood makes their own. Their kit is very complete and allows you to retain your own spindles which was important to me. Their calipers are really slick and add to the look I wanted.



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Ya ' have a good recommendation for disc brake conversion for 64 dodge 440





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I have a Holly Street Dominator 4 barrel intake for sale. It's in excellent shape. All the threaded holes are good and it hasn't been cut. I replaced this with a dual plane. I want $150 plus shipping or $175 with shipping. If you're interested, e mail me. Thanks.





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