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Re: Minor problem Major annoyance

Herb, that is a very interesting ideah. I have a 56 Chrysler with a non greaseable rear U joint. They are rare and very expensive. Mine is still good, do you think I could use the old   zerk in the end cap trick, and prolong its life?? .........................MO
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From: Herb
Date: 3/18/2015 5:46:25 PM
Subject: Re: Minor problem Major annoyance
You sure it's the yoke and not the U joint?  A dry joint will squeak & squeal in a second.  Lube the U joint or replace it.  Depending on how mechanical you are, if their is no zerk to lube the U joint, just drill an appropriate size hole in the center of a cap and screw a self tapping zerk in and lube the joint.
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Date: 3/18/2015 3:25:18 PM
Subject: Minor problem Major annoyance
Question for the group.
Since the first day I drove my Plymouth after getting it running, I've had an annoying squeal from the front driveshaft yolk spinning inside the rear transmission seal. Before you start, yes it does it even when my wife isn't in the car.

I've pulled the shaft out many times and lubed it with moly grease, lithium, dry powder lube, machine oil, even WD40. Goes away for a couple of days and then starts again. Pulled into a car show at low speed and overheard one guy say, "It even comes with it's own sound effects". Driving me nuts. Anyone experienced this? Solutions? Thanks

Big block, 4 speed

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