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Re: trans tech help

Lots of confusion on this one, this is one of the biggest reasons (beside the ball and trunnion) guys choose to install a '66-later transmission in the older cars.

As Bill and others have stated, the cable adapter and manual valve detent lever (rooster comb) have to be used as a set.  The pushbutton set has a 1/4" hole in the rooster comb that matches the 1/4" diameter shank on the adapter (retained by a nut), where the console/column set has a 3/16" hole that matches the shank on that adapter, which is held in place with an "E" clip.

While you can put a '64-65 transmission with the column/console cable adapter and matching rooster comb into a '62-63 transmission, you can absolutely not put a '62-63 valve body/cable adapter/to the new "park" position (pushbutton shifters don't travel past the reverse position).  The '64-65 console and column cable adapter has a cup and spring arrangement that allow the console and column cable (which has a 1/4" wide retaining groove" to travel past the reverse position, absorbing the additional travel.  While you can use a pushbutton cable, which has a narrow (.050") groove, in the console/column adapter with no ill effects on a pushbutton shifted car, trying to go the other way results in an inability to place the car in the park position, broken parts, long faces, and language generally deemed unacceptable in mixed company.

The park lock cover will be used in any case (pun intended), as both the pushbutton and the later console/column shifters still utilize a separate cable to operate the park lock in the tailshaft. The only reason to block that opening would be if you were to not use the park lock, which was popular with class racers trying to remove every ounce from the car.  IIRC the park lock parts would need to be removed to allow the installation of a flat plate.

Please feel free to call or email if you have questions, we go through this at least once a week.

On Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 11:01:51 AM UTC-4, 62to65mopar wrote:
Hi all,

There is a fellow with a 1962 Plymouth who is trying to put a 1965 TorqueFlite into his car. He is confused about what to do. He has the original 1962 PB cables in the Plymouth now.

So I need to add some specifics to the transmission tech tips page.

Under the heading "cable adapters" there is a sentence "Adapters and cables are not interchangable between P.B. and console models." There is a B&W graphic there but if I could get some photos of the difference that would help.

Under the heading  62-65 727 torqueflight interchange there is a sentence "The 1965 torqueflight can be used with P.B. with a minor valvebody/cable mod." If I can get what the exact mods need are (photos too if possible) I will add that.

Any help and advice is appreciated.

Gary H.

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